Cosmetic Dentistry for a Movie Star Smile

A picture perfect smile is usually the very first thing we notice about stars. And every camera-ready smile is exceptional.

“A round face,  Latifah’s, seems best with teeth which are somewhat rounded in the borders,” said Dr. Michael Schneider, a cosmetic dentist. “Usher features a square face – his teeth tend to be more square and somewhat smaller. Will Smith, that has a rectangular face, has teeth which are just like Usher’s, yet with somewhat sharper line angles.”

“Having a heart shaped face like Drew Barrymore’s, the chin is more noticeable. The teeth can not line up like [those with] a square or rectangular face and need to have some minor turning, revealing word picture.”

Nevertheless, a few of us were not produced with a star smile. The dazzling smile you see in magazines and films or on the road could be caused by cosmetic dentistry procedures, including veneers.

In order to avoid the pain that may come with using routine veneers, individuals are simply turning to Lumineers by Cerinate.

Unlike routine veneers, Lumineers does not require drilling or grinding down sensitive tooth structure. The process is minimally invasive, making anesthesia and pain shots unneeded.

Clinically proven to last up to 20 years, Lumineers is contact lens-thin and supplies immediate teeth straightening and irreversible whitening, transforming misshapen teeth into a naturally beautiful and perfect smile. This is a handy replacement for braces and may be used on distressed teeth to reinforce them and prevent further wear. Lumineers additionally may be set over crowns and bridges to enhance aesthetics.

A Lumineers application may be finished in two brief visits to the dentist.

Many dentists use Lumineers, made from Cerinate, a porcelain developed in the USA. It includes a five-year replacement guarantee.


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